Production Facilities
Box-Pak started its operation with a second-hand (gas operated) corrugated machine, producing singlewall cartons. Box-Pak upgraded its corrugated machine in 1979 enabling it to produce singlewall and double wall AB Flute corrugated cartons.

On 18th January 1984, Box-Pak acquired its first factory lot in Batu Caves Industrial Estate at Lot 7, Jalan Perusahaan 2 and installed a unit of high speed corrugated machine which was capable of producing 15,000 metric tonnes of corrugated cartons per year.

Subsequently, Box-Pak built a new modern factory on a newly-acquired piece of industrial land within the same area at Lot 4 Jalan Perusahaan 2, Batu Caves in 1993. This land was purchased earlier in 1991.The company then invested about RM 25 million in new high speed Fully Automatic Computerised Corrugating Machines imported from Isowa, Japan and Marquip of USA, a combination that makes the new factory the most "modern carton plant" in the Asia-Pacific region.

Later on, Box-Pak upgraded its converting machine by installing another 4 units of high speed Flexo Printing In-Line Machines and one unit of Rotary Die-Cut Printing Machine at the new factory. Currently, Box-Pak has a total of seven Flexo Printing carton making lines and 3 rotary die cutting lines.

A fully Automated Computerised PLC Control Sheetboard Conveyor System was also installed at the new factory, turning Box-Pak into a sophisticated state-of-the-art corrugated plant in Malaysia. The installed capacity of the new plant is about 45,000 metric tonnes per year. Running on two shifts, the company's annual production output is 28,000 metric tonnes. The Company now has a staff strength of 250 people.

Products Information
Box-Pak is one of the leading corrugated cartons and die-cut trays manufacturers in Malaysia.

Corrugated cartons and die-cut trays are different in style. Corrugated cartons are full carton with top and bottom flaps while die-cut trays are flat board with corners die-cut by moulds and usually shipped flat. The corners are then glued by packer before using.

Corrugated cartons are usually used for packing products that require protection, stacking and extensive shipment. While die-cut trays are used mainly for packing products such as soft drinks, beer, and milk powder.

Corrugated packaging has many positive characteristics over other forms of packaging. The number of layers could vary its strength and it could be relatively easy to shape for meeting specific requirements. It is also recyclable and collapsible.

Box-Pak has established, documented, and maintained procedures to deliver its finished goods. The company meets their delivery requirements by following these rules:-

1) Safe delivery of products to customer premises.
2) Proper handling of finished product to prevent any damage.
3) Plan for delivery schedule to avoid delay.

The provision of authorizing receipt and dispatch to identifying preserves and segregates all products from time of manufacture until the company's responsibility is ceased and practiced.

Establishing reliable transportation is mandatory as our Company is heading towards superb delivery service. New procedures will be implemented in the delivery section to increase the efficiency of the service. The new outline calls OTIF (On Time In Full Delivery) was launched in June 2000.

Box-Pak having its own capability to source its material. The purchasing procedures are well planned to ensure no shortage and interruption during the production. Local and oversea suppliers have given their commitment and assurance in supplying any grades and quality of raw materials (paper).

Box-Pak has established a close relationship with its major supplier from local and oversea. Based on the good reputation, commitment and partnership, Box-Pak has never encountered any short supply of paper materials. Box-Pak always plan for the purchased and keeping high stock for contingency.

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