Raw Material Plain Board Finished Goods

    General Inspection

  1. Print text/detail - Wrong type/wrong text/text missing are not allowed.
  2. Registration - The registration must conform to the tolerance limit.(2mm)
  3. Lamination - The finished goods should have a good fibre tear.
  4. Colour shade - The colour shade must comply to the customer requirements.
  5. Slotting/die-cut - The finish goods should show a sharp cutting edge.
  6. Creasing - No crease line, shallow, creasing cut through are allowed.
  7. Carton forming- Cartons must be properly formed.
  8. Side joint - No overlapping, excess material or side joint allowed.
  9. Flute - Finished goods with damaged, wrong direction, or wrong type are not allowed.
  10. Scanability - Barcode should show the correct customer code and readable by barcode scanner.
  11. Rub resistant - Fininsh goods must have good scuffing resistant.
  12. Gluing/Stitching - Excess glue/no glue or joint break are not allowed.
  13. Dimension - The finished goods dimension must comply to customer specifications.
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General Inspection
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